Manifestation / Jun. 13

Sustainable Insurance: Can Actuaries Lead the Way?


                                                                        ARPITA DAS

Founder & Director at Impact Actuarial /Irlande

(The conference will be held in English)

This presentation will introduce sustainable development, ESG factors, and SDGs in an insurance context, and highlight the role of actuaries in sustainable insurance.

The session will begin with a review of sustainable development terms and a discussion on the widening global insurance protection gap due to climate risk. Next, we will explore the evolving insurance landscape, focusing on the role of actuaries in accounting for Principles of Sustainable Insurance (PSI), ESG factors, and SDGs.

The speaker then present real-world examples of insurance industry and actuarial work being done in this area globally, illustrating these concepts. Topics will include regulatory implications in the EU and beyond, innovations in parametric insurance, and public-private partnerships addressing novel insurable risks such as Human-Wildlife Conflict.

The presentation will conclude with a reflection on the unique skillsets of actuaries and their critical role in the field of Sustainable Insurance. 


    2024 06 13 Conférence ILAC Sustainable Insurance Can Actuaries Lead the Way   (213.02 Ko)
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