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ESG 2 (002)

                                  ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

                                                      (la conference sera tenue en anglais)

                                                   DENISE DELANEY

                       Head of Responsible Business, Liberty Specialty Markets

                                                      nous fera l'honneur d’être notre orateur

Interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) themes has grown over decades and exponentially in recent years in financial services and insurance. With roots in the responsible investment movement and drivers like environmental regulation and socioeconomic development, ESG now encompasses a wide range of topics, including  climate change. Often seen as a risk, a robust response to these highly interlinked topics can enable ESG to favorably distinguish companies that are approaching the agenda holistically and making positive contributions to society, even in areas with some of the greatest challenge, including climate change. Taking the lens of Liberty Specialty Markets, a mutual structure, you will understand one insurer’s approach to the strategic positioning of ESG and how it is embedded in everyday decision-making, from underwriting to investments to operations.  

  • ESG & climate change implications for insurers
  • ESG regulatory & reporting landscape
  • Advancing resilience and inclusive growth – Liberty’s ESG strategy


Cette conference se tiendra le 28 avril 2022 à 18h15 à Leudelange (bâtiment de Foyer Assurances, 12 rue Léon Laval) 

Le parking est mis à disposition des  participants.

Pour assurer le bon déroulement de l'événement , merci de vous inscrire avant le 27 avril à midi.


    Confe?rence ESG 28 avril 2022   (155.77 Ko)
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12, rue Léon Laval