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Webinar ILAC – Forecast-Based Financing through Parametric Products

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The important role of insurance in building more resilient communities that face increased climate and weather risks is emphasized by climate change, in particular in developing economies, which could lead to more frequent and larger payouts. Lately, parametric insurance has proven to be an increasingly important resource to cover the insurance gap in underinsured or non-existing markets.

The presentation will explore an innovative approach to index-based risk-transfer products, i.e. forecast ‘insurance’, which rather than paying for losses generated by an event, forecast insurance payments can be used to prevent them. Forecast-based risk-transfer products carry both information and financing potential that should accelerate the building of resilience against disasters. First, the presentation will discuss the construction of a parametric index for tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific, and secondly it will focus on the applications of the forecast index in risk-transfer applications and the challenges faced in structuring and pricing such products.

L’ILAC a le plaisir de vous inviter à son Webinar qui se tiendra le 22 avril à partir de 18h15:


«Forecast-Based Financing through Parametric Products»

(la conférence sera tenue en langue anglaise)

Dr. Alin Radu  - "Head of Product and Structuring at Global Parametrics"

nous fera l'honneur d'être notre orateur pour cet événement.


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