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Subjecting expert judgement to appropriate scrutiny


Under the Solvency 2 Directive, all expert judgements now have to be appropriately governed, documented and validated. This affects both standard formula and internal model firms, and is an area that many EU firms (and regulators) are finding challenging.

The UK actuarial profession has prepared a paper on the topic, and we are pleased to announce that that the deputy chair of the working party which wrote the paper has prepared a training course on the subject.

In this context, ILAC (Institut Luxembourgeois des Actuaires) has the pleasure to invite you to the training course – held in English – on the topic:

Subjecting expert judgement to appropriate scrutiny

Our guest speaker:

Mr Roger Austin

Partner at Austin Professional Resourcing LLP
Deputy Chair of UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries' Solvency and
Capital Management Working Party

This practical training course will allow you to:

  • fully understand what an expert judgement is;
  • be aware of how good documentation of sources of information and thought processes behind each expert judgement helps to facilitate appropriate governance and ensure consistency;
  • understand some useful internal control tools and validation that may be deployed to increase the robustness of expert judgements.

After the course, ILAC invites you to a working lunch.

If you are interested, please feel free to register for this training course on Eventbrite

A participation to this course will entitle you to a credit of 3 points to the members of ILAC.

Registration conditions

  • Member of ILAC: Free
  • Member donator of ILAC: Free for 3 inscriptions
  • Non member of ILAC: 500 EUR to be transferred to
  • BILLLULL IBAN LU66 0024 3100 8958 6400 of ILAC
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